5 Of The Best Christchurch Beaches To Hangout At This Summer

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Best Beaches Christchurch Summer New Zealand

If there’s anything positive to take from the pandemic, it’s that we’ve been encouraged to explore our own beautiful motherland, instead of jetting off across the globe. Interestingly, Christchurch is blessed with a stunning coastline of endless majestic beaches to hangout at this summer. We’ve narrowed down our favourite five beaches that are just as beautiful as a tropical destination.

1. Sumner Beach

This beach is popular with tourists during the summer months. The waters make it an excellent spot to go surfing, swimming and plenty more watersports. Equally, you’ll find adventure enthusiasts playing cricket and other activities on the beach. With a fantastic atmosphere, spectacular sea views providing extraordinary sunsets…you’ll be truly satisfied. If you get hungry, there are lots of easily accessible eateries nearby the beach.

2. Corsair Bay

Located a few minutes drive from Lyttelton, this hidden gem would give Thailand a run for its money on a hot summer day. Chillout on the grass or sand while watching the boats, swim the turquoise waters to the pontoon, or hike around the bush, and more. Indeed, it’s the perfect summer beach day near Christchurch.

3. New Brighton Beach

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This beautiful family-friendly beach just so happens to be one of the best places for a summer picnic in Christchurch. The stunning pier, which is the longest pier in Australasia, makes the beach extremely attractive to photographers. Therefore, if you love a good summer beach selfie, then this is the place to capture one.


4. Taylors Mistake

Only nine minutes drive from Sumner Beach, this stunning beach is surfers paradise. Sports enthusiasts love hanging out at this beach because there is a variety of wonderful activities, from paragliding, to hiking trails, biking and more. Equally, you’re certain to spot some wildlife. Interestingly, Taylors Mistake and Sumner both offer memorable date experiences in Christchurch.

5. Waikuku Beach

Another one of the best beaches in Christchurch to hangout at this summer. Boasting a vibrant atmosphere, you can opt to lounge on the sandy beach while reading a book, splash in the sea, or take part in activities like kitesurfing, fishing, to name a few. With plenty of delightful eateries nearby, and other fun attractions like tennis and golf…you won’t get bored. Perfect for a group of friends or a family day out.

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