Christchurch’s Gorgeous Candlelight Concerts Have Announced More Stunning Shows

Marco Ruiz Marco Ruiz - Staff Writer

Christchurch’s Gorgeous Candlelight Concerts Have Announced More Stunning Shows

These concerts by Candlelight have invited everyone to relive the greatest works of classical music, from Vivaldi to Mozart to Bach, in an intimate atmosphere and experience music in a new light at some of Auckland’s most magical locations.

But wait, now there’s more because the globally-renowned series, which has wowed the US, UK, Spain, France, and Australia, will be enchanting the city with a range of concerts that’ll suit more musical tastes.

If vintage classical music isn’t quite your jam, then no worries because the Candlelight series has upped the offering with tribute concerts to some of Jazz’s most celebrated artists like Aretha Franklin, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Ray Charles and more.

Keep an eye out for them as well as being able to lose yourself in the flickering glow of flameless candles whilst the stirring melodies or rousing film scores from magical movies sound from the stage before you.

Christchurch’s first Candlelight concerts featured the works of  Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Chopin all played by the most talented classical musicians. While you might be bummed that you missed out, there are more classical music concerts by Candlelight planned for the future including special nights with ballet performances on the card as well.

With countless flickering candles illuminating each unique space, the Christchurch Candlelight concerts will present a collection of classical music over the course of 65 mesmerising minutes.

The Candlelight series takes place twice each night with two back-to-back 60-65 minute performances. Doors will open 30 minutes prior to each show.

The concerts have been met by countless 5-star reviews, and guests have called it “a creative, enchanting, and new concert experience” and that “the performers were fantastic!”

Take a look at all the concerts below and grab your tickets before somebody else does.

Please note: For the safety of our audience and performers, all of the candlelight will be provided through flameless candles.

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