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7 Of The Best Parks And Gardens For A Sunny Walk In Christchurch

By Jack Saddler

7 Of The Best Parks And Gardens For A Sunny Walk In Christchurch

Time to get the best out the wonderful green space Christchurch has to offer.

We all know parks are wonderful fun for pretty much anyone. Open green spaces. They’re great for self-healing, having fun with your pals, or just letting off a bit of steam by going for a stroll with your dog at dusk. [Featured Image: Molly Spink, Unsplash].

And, here in Christchurch, we are pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to green space. Here are some of the best spots you can make the most of.

1. Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Christchurch Botanic Gardens is the perfect spot to head to now that we’re well into the spring months. You’ll find plenty of plants and greenery to stare at ’till your heart’s content. Depending on the season, different flower displays will wow visitors with rhododendrons, magnolias, azaleas, roses, hostas and more popping up as the months go by. There’s also greenhouses, ponds, shrubbery and more to get lost in all year round.

2. Port Hills

Port Hills are a stunning mountain range and ancient volcano in the Canterbury region of Christchurch. It’s one of the quintessential spots around the city to soak in the true beauty of New Zealand. With stunning views out to sea, cracking bike trails and great walking routes, this spot really has it all.

3. Hagley Park

This spot is the largest open urban space in Christchurch, and has been open as a public park since 1855. There’s cafes, spots for picnics, walking and running trails, as well as facilities for a number of sports including golf, tennis and netball. This is the perfect place for a quick walk or a full day out, and is the beating heart of the centre of Christchurch.

4. Quail Island


If you’re feeling a day-trip full of greenery, you could do a lot worse than taking the short boat out to Quail Island. It’s full of idyllic spots for picnic locations, and is on the waterfront. With the sea air, outstanding views, and the water to swim in on warm days, this is a great spot for anyone.

5. Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

What better way to calm your mind than to head out into the greenery and hang out among some beautiful wildlife? You can see some kiwis, take your kids to some animal petting and even feed some lemurs.

6. Styx Mill Conservation Reserve

A perfect place to get out into nature. Styx Mill Conservation Reserve is loved by walkers, runners and cyclists, as well as those who want to check out some wildlife. Glide along the trails and get lost in its tracks as you take in the birdsongs and nature-y scents.

7. Halswell Quarry

Another great location for relaxing walks that take you to your own happy place. Halswell Quarry has plenty of waking routes and two large bike trails to lose yourself in. It also housesĀ little collections displays pointing to its sister cities: Adelaide (AUS), Christchurch (UK), Gansu Province (China), Kurashiki (Japan), Seattle (USA) and Songpa-Gu (Korea).

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