19 Reasons Why New Zealand Is The Best Place To Live On Earth

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19 Reasons Why New Zealand Is The Best Place To Live On Earth

Because we don’t appreciate our motherland enough.

New Zealand is a country that is so diverse, and living here, we sometimes do not recognise the beauty surrounding us each day. Before covid-19, we welcomed millions of awe-inspired tourists a year, many of whom, wished they lived here. From the majestic beaches to the outdoor adventures to the mild climate…it is no wonder Hollywood tends to flock here to shoot films. But if you are completely blindsided by all of this, we’ve thought up 19 reasons why New Zealand is the best place to live on Earth.

1. Breathtaking Scenery

New Zealand
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All around us, there is picture-perfect landscape and pristine settings. All you need to do is take a scenic road trip to appreciate the beauty of New Zealand. From The Coromandel to National Parks like Tongariro to the Wanaka Tree…we really have out-of-this-world scenery. Need I say more?

2. Low Crime Rate

New Zealand has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Typically, compared to other places such as London in the UK, you can feel relaxed when your children leave the house. This general security is a luxury compared to some other global spots.

3. Extraordinary Stargazing

When you look up at the stars at night, you probably don’t think twice about seeing the Milky Way, the Southern Cross or the Tropic of Capricorn. Though, many global travellers are desperate for a trek to New Zealand for an unforgettable night sky experience like this. For instance, Tekapo presents a phenomenal place for watching millions of stars and capturing money-making shots.

4. Cool Cities

New Zealand
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Across the nation you will find charming towns and cities that present a relaxed atmosphere and a stress free way of life. These spots are full of history, captivating and always offer an enlightening experience in terms of exploration. For example, take Christchurch, it has grown since the earthquake to thrive as a creative city, with awesome people, epic street art and delicious food, just to name a few. You can be sure to never get bored in New Zealand.

5. Progressive Society

New Zealanders are practical, and clearly good at coping with new situations, which the coronavirus pandemic proved. Likewise, New Zealand was the first in giving women the vote, an 8 hour work day, the first transgender MP and so much more. Most people are open-minded when it comes to change, and citizens are willing to co-operate with the government. This is the kind of society that is best to raise children in.

6. Climate

In New Zealand, we get the best of both worlds. We can count on a beautiful summer, mostly full of sunshine while winter brings distinctive cold weather. With most of the country lying close to the coast, we enjoy a moderate climate.

7. Sense Of Humour

The Kiwi sense of humour is known across the world. Most people have a non-confrontational nature so opt to diffuse situations with humour. A perfect example of Kiwi comedy is Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern starring in this cheeky tourism video. Many leaders would refuse to take part in something like this.

8. High Quality Of Life

Despite the pandemic having an effect on our quality of life, it still proved that New Zealand can be sustainable without the rest of the world. Strong economic growth still exists while tourism and immigration will continue to boom after the pandemic.

9. Multicultural

Living in a multicultural environment is one of the best things you can do. It also teaches kids to embrace multiculturalism and diversity. In New Zealand, there are many Irish, Canadians, French, Indian, Chinese and countless others who have settled here. This brings a variety in terms of fashion, art and food which of course helps the economy.

10. Scrumptious Food

This one is for all the glorified foodies. Indeed, New Zealand caters the most delicious food. Think wholesome seafood, candy, coffee, chocolate and much more to satisfy your tastebuds. Chocoholics will love our recent article on all the chocolate factories you can visit in New Zealand.

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11. Spacious

This beautiful country has plenty of space as the population isn’t overcrowded for the size of the country. It is a place to escape crowds and traffic jams. Additionally, WHO reported in the past that New Zealand has some of the cleanest and safest air on the planet which obviously carries amazing health benefits.

12. Family-Friendly

New Zealand is affordable, with a great educational and healthcare system, awesome culture and it offers an incredible place for kids to grow up. Taking into consideration the other factors in this article, it makes an ideal childhood.

13. Awe-Inspiring Nature

New Zealand
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New Zealand spoils its inhabitants with the wonderful array of mother nature fragments. From the exotic animals that are not out to get you like Oz, the remarkable volcanoes, hot springs and plenty more…you can count on being inspired and educated daily.

14. Adventure Lifestyle

New Zealand is the adventure sports capital of the world, and we are not surprised with the bundle of outdoor activities, from fishing to swimming, kids enjoy these activities year around. But it is the adrenaline games that really get adults going. Think skiing in Coronet Peak, bungee jumping, white-water rafting and so much more. If you fancy going on a winter ski adventure, read our article below.

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15. COVID-19 Response

Whatever your views, you have to hand it to Jacinda Ardern for her quick Covid-19 response that saved countless lives. Look at the horrors throughout the rest of the world. The Prime Minister’s quick acting has helped keep New Zealand safe. This is the type of leader you need and your co-operation is the reason you can enjoy benefits the rest of the world can’t today.

16. Epic Beaches

New Zealand Best
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I bet you also don’t appreciate the beauty of the stunning beaches across the nation. There is nothing more relaxing than breathing in the ocean air, lying on the golden beaches and swimming in the turquoise waters. Time to plan a road trip for summer and tick off the beaches you have not visited yet!

17. Environment-Friendly

New Zealand is a world leader for climate change and is rapidly becoming one of the most environmentally progressive countries on the globe. Environmental protection is a top priority to us which is another important thing to teach children. With a sustainable future ahead, and 90% of our power coming from renewable sources by 2025, we can leave behind a great world for our children, grandchildren and descendants.

18. Voted The Greatest Country On Earth

Excitingly, New Zealand was named the greatest country on earth for several years in a row by the UK’s Telegraph Travel Awards. This in itself is spectacular.

19. The New Hollywood

New Zealand
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In recent years, Hollywood has been flocking to New Zealand for filming. Some major blockbusters have been filmed here such as Avatar, Chronicles of Narnia, Mission Impossible 6, Lord of The Rings and much more. Even during the pandemic, many international filmmaking teams looked to New Zealand as a safe haven for shoots. Plus, it brings jobs!

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