10 Of The Best Globally Ranked Countries For Remote Working In 2022

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Best Countries Remote Working 2022

Indeed, the pandemic has brought many life changes. Specifically, it has altered the world of work as we know it. However, homeworking brings the advantage of flexibility.┬áTherefore, it’s easier than ever to work abroad.

According to a recent study by travel expert, Momondo, Portugal is ranked as the best place in the world for remote working in 2022.

Interestingly, the study states that Portugal has a low crime rate and cost of living. Subsequently, there is easy visa accessibility, good weather, low air pollution and plenty of tourist attractions.

Portugal Best Country For Remote Working 2022
Photo Credit: Unsplash in Lagos, Portugal

In second place, Spain offers remote workers a great work-social life balance. From a bustling nightlife scene, various co-working spaces, high-speed Wi-Fi, and more. Additionally, Spain’s positive stance on LGBTQ+ matters was included in the ranking.

Meanwhile, Romania took third place. Boasting a low cost of living, along with affordable rentals, cheap food, and a large English-speaking community, to name a few aspects.

Best Countries Worldwide Remote Working Romania Street
Photo Credit: Unsplash in Romania

This ranking includes 111 different countries worldwide. Likewise, it is mostly based on remote working conditions with opportunities for travel adventures. Equally, the countries are ranked using 22 factors and split into six different categories. These include health, weather, tourism costs, social life, safety, and more.

Here is the top 10 countries for remote working in 2022:

1. Portugal

2. Spain

3. Romania

4. Mauritius


5. Japan

6. Malta

7. Costa Rica

8. Panama

9. Czech Republic

10. Germany

Furthermore, the Virgin islands in the United States was named as the worst place for remote working globally in 2022.

Excellently, the New Zealand passport has just been announced as the sixth most powerful passport in the world. Consequently, once the borders open at the end of February, you could be on your way to an office away from home. Indeed, we totally recommend heading to one of the best countries worldwide for remote working.

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