12 Things You Can Do To Make Homeworking More Enjoyable

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A short lockdown has commenced.

Factually, most of us are social creatures, we pine for pre-pandemic life when you could head into the office, not a care in the world, and mingle with all your work pals. Indeed, it made work more enjoyable for those who disliked their jobs. And as New Zealand heads into lockdown, unfortunately, homeworking life will continue to be on the cards for the foreseeable future. And for those who struggle with remote working, the isolation itself can be a challenge, along with issues such as noisy housemates, attached pets and children screaming for your attention. Hence why Secret decided to compile a list of 12 top tips to make homeworking more enjoyable and increase job productivity.

1. Solid Routine

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It can be extremely easy to blur work time and personal time while homeworking. But the key to success is having a consistent routine and creating a steady schedule to keep yourself sane. For instance, when work is finished, set boundaries with yourself by turning your laptop off and using the evening for personal duties. Plan your week ahead by writing down your intended goals, and be sure to update your agenda at the end of every day, ticking off what you have done, and rewriting a plan for the following day. All of this aids productivity the next morning and avoids any confusion.

2. Work Space Setup

Work From Home
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It is vital for both your mental health and job productivity to create a space where you can work successfully. Try setting up a designated work area in your home where you can sit up straight on a chair and focus on your tasks. We cannot make this clear enough but please do not sit in bed and work from your bed. This is an extremely bad habit to get into and subconsciously is damaging to your mental health, not to mention it will cause chaos for your posture.

3. Set Rules

You must set rules with members of your household in order to be successful while remote working. Be sure that your household, whether that be family or friends, understand that they cannot distract you during work hours. Of course, this can be difficult for little children to understand, but if you can, set up a space for them to amuse themselves while you focus on work in peace. Remember, when work is finished you can enjoy your home life freely.

4. Get Dressed

Now, it can be tempting to stay in your pajamas all day, but please for your own mental health, do not sit in your pajamas while homeworking. This is a terribly unhealthy habit to get into and you’ll be far less productive. Subconsciously, you’ll become lazier and so on. By getting dressed it boosts your confidence, and helps you stay focused on vital projects. So, come on now, no suit necessary but at the very least put on some comfortable overalls.

5. Face-To-Face Meetings

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When you know you have a face-to-face meeting, you’ll be ten times more motivated to look your best for your work day. These type of meetings intend to be more focused and help to communicate messages effectively. Likewise, by putting your camera on, you’ll enhance your credibility and this will contribute to more fun conversations with your teammates.

6. Take Your Lunch

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I’m guessing most of us are probably guilty of skipping lunch and eating at our computers. However, it is important to take a break away from your work space in order to refuel and reset your mind. Be sure to plan your lunch breaks, perhaps, cook something new every day. This will give you something exciting to look forward to. If you’d rather not cook, order something delicious for delivery, and take time away from your work space to really enjoy your meal. Indeed, food is often the key to our hearts, and this sort of lunch routine will get you powered up for the afternoon and evening.


7. Team Chats

Whether you use Slack, WhatsApp or another app, be sure to keep in touch with your team in order to stay sane during remote working. Having team chats is a great way to interact socially, and will make you feel less alone. Have fun in your team chat, get the banter going, pass funny comments, this will undoubtedly put a smile on people’s face during their day at home.

8. Exercise

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Whether you enjoy walking, yoga, running or no exercise at all, it is vital during home working to get out in nature and avail of some exercise. Even if it’s just a walk to Starbucks in the morning for coffee, try getting at least 30 minutes exercise a day.¬†Exercise reduces stress and blood pressure and can contribute to a better emotional intelligence, just to name a few. In this summer heat, you’ll need some sort of exercise combined with lots of water to avoid headaches during work also.

9. Music

It has been proven that music can have a benefit on your brain chemicals, enhancing intelligence and focus, which is linked to whether you feel relaxed or unhappy. In fact, listening to sad music daily will automatically make you feel worse if you are feeling low already. Therefore, we encourage you to sooth your soul by listening to an upbeat playlist while tackling light work activities such as emails. Certainly, it will help lower stress and boost your mood during homeworking.

10. Sleep Schedule

Sleep is critical for an overall positive wellbeing. By getting enough sleep, it promotes healing and repairs your brain and body. When you wake after a good night sleep, you’ll be more eager to complete duties and have the ability to stay focused while being extra creative. Tasks may seem too difficult when you are tired, so seriously, work on your sleep schedule. You need at least eight hours sleep at night.

11. Connect With Loved Ones

connect with people
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After a long day of working alone, it is important to connect with the outside world. Be sure to schedule a facetime with friends or family if you live on your own. Likewise, parents can focus on spending time with family after clocking out. Be sure to listen to people’s stories, catch up on what’s going on and let people know if you are feeling low, it is a great way to stay sane.

12. Reward Yourself

Mental Health Rewards
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Self-compassion and rewards are an incredible way to increase your mental health and aid job productivity. Therefore, pick a day to treat yourself, let’s say Friday, perhaps get a donut from your favourite bakery, buy yourself a new top or book, whatever you choose, rewarding yourself each week can mentally aid focus during homeworking. And when you know that you’ll be rewarded after accomplishing goals, you’ll be more driven to achieving them each week.

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