You Can Live Stream The Winter Solstice From Stonehenge This Year

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You Can Live Stream The Winter Solstice From Stonehenge This Year

Enjoy the winter solstice from the comfort of your own home this year.

In true 2020 style, the winter solstice will be live-streamed from Stonehenge next week. The epic event usually brings thousands of people to the ancient site every year to watch the midwinter sunrise and set over the standing stones. However, thanks to Covid-19, this year’s celebration will be a little different. It’s not all doom and gloom though, English Heritage is bringing the solstice celebration to us through their upcoming live stream.

The winter solstice marks the shortest day and the longest night of the year! It also happens to be the start of astronomical winter, which is shocking considering it’s been bloody freezing for weeks. Stonehenge has been the place to go to celebrate the occasion for centuries. Watching the sunrise behind the Heel Stone and capturing the rays of sunlight gathering in the centre is nothing short of magical – and we’re all invited to watch this year.

English Heritage is asking people not to venture to the site this year and visit virtually instead. “Owing to the pandemic, and in the interests of public health, there will be no Winter Solstice gathering at Stonehenge this year. The Winter Solstice sunrise will instead be live-streamed from the stones on the morning of December 21. It will be easy and free to watch on the English Heritage social media channels’


You can tune into the live stream via the English Heritage’s social media channels next week. However, for us folk over here in NZ, it’ll mean an early start if you want to catch the beginning. It begins at 5am on the morning of December 21. However, don’t worry if you’re not an early riser. The stream continues for the next 16-hours, so you can tune in at a more convenient time if needs be!

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