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The Giant´s House

The Giant’s House is a place of dreams!

Feel like you´ve stepped right into the world of Alice In Wonderland by visiting this epic house and garden just a short one hour and 30 minutes drive from Christchurch.

Prepare to enter the happiest place on earth at The Giant’s House. Kids and adults can embark on an outdoor fantasy adventure. This interactive and colourful garden surrounds the large historic house, located on a sunny hillside in a valley in Akaroa, offering majestic views.

Let all your childhood dreams come alive as you journey through this garden of fun. Additionally, you can listen to the sweet melodies playing from the sculpted and planted mosaic grand piano. It is even a 6-star Garden of International Significance.

The Giant´s House
Photo Credit: The Giant´s House

Excitingly, the impressive garden was designed by painter and sculptor, Josie Martin, who just so happens to be the owner of the house. She created a unique outdoor experience full of little pathways, intimate hidden garden rooms, murals, flowers and vegetables, intentional views of the sea and so much more.


This enchanting garden and house has been featured in numerous magazines and on plenty of TV shows both nationally and internationally such as Extreme Homes of the World USA. Therefore, it is a must-visit road trip from Christchurch.

To further your utopian experience, opt to stay overnight at the house with the incredible artist Josie Martin as your host. After checking out The Giant´s House Instagram, you will be pining for a stay.

The Giant´s House
Photo Credit: The Giant´s House

For ticket pricing and bookings, visit The Giants House website.

📍 70 Rue Balguerie, Akaroa 7520, New Zealand

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