This Christchurch Bakery Whips Up Some Mouth-watering Vegan Treats • Stonebaked Bakehouse

By Jack Saddler November 4, 2020

These look amazing.

Sometimes, only a drool-worthy baked treat will do the trick during a tough week. But, it can often be tough to find some really great vegan options that will scratch the same itch.

Well, in Christchurch, this shouldn’t be a problem anymore, due to the existence of Stonebaked Bakehouse.

Image: Stonebaked Bakehouse

Vegan options here are out of this world and hit the spot every. single. time.

Are you after a chocolaty glazed vegan donut to go with your afternoon cup of coffee? Easy, Stonebaked gives you that. What about a gorgeous pain au raisin, fresh from the oven with crispy strips of pastry coming loose at the ends, for a breakfast delight? No sweat over at Stonebaked.

Image: Stonebaked Bakehouse

Oh, the savoury stuff? Yep, that’s a walk in the park. You’ll find some great pockets of pastry filled with vegan cheese, tomato and much more.

And that isn’t even to mention their stunning selection of cinnamon rolls, breads, muffins, scrolls and much, much more. Trust us, this place is an absolute gamechanger. Try it and thank us later.

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