The Iconic New Zealand Fashion Week Is Making A Return This Summer

Megan Zara Walsh Megan Zara Walsh

New Zealand Fashion Week 2022

Finally, some positive news for all the fashion gurus of New Zealand. Event organisers have confirmed that the 20th anniversary of New Zealand Fashion Week will take place in early 2022.

After being postponed in August as a result of COVID-19, the exciting event will now take place from Monday February 7 to Sunday February 13, 2022. Wonderfully, Aotea Square and Auckland Town Hall will be turned into a fashion wonderland for the occasion.

With prior partners and designers happy to proceed in February, you can expect the same line-up. Indeed, you’ll be treated to an array of entertainment, from special DJ events, to empowering workshops, outdoor movies such as designer Halston, yoga experiences, and plenty more.


Additionally, designers making waves on the runaway include Anna Vidal, Muse Boutique, Holi Boli, Eliza Perry, Sienna Blair, to name a few. Consequently, be sure to keep your schedule clear to jump back on the fashion scene. Certainly, you’ll need it after weeks of endless lockdowns, sitting at home in pajamas.

Christchurch-based fashion lovers will be eager to trek to Auckland for this iconic event. Unfortunately, New Zealand Fashion Week have also announced that there will not be another Fashion Week until August 2023. For more information, visit the NZ Fashion Week website.

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