New Zealand To Become Smoke-Free By Banning Cigarettes Sales For Future Generations

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cigarettes ban New Zealand

Interestingly, New Zealand has come up with a unique legislation to end cigarette smoking for future generations. Any person born after 2008, will be prohibited by law from purchasing tobacco products legally in their lifetime.

New Zealand’s health authorities expect this reform to help eliminate smoking in the country and create a smoke-free nation. This move is part of a crackdown on smoking. Equally, it is expected to be made into law by 2022.

The New Zealand Health Ministry is determined to reduce its national smoking rate to 5% by 2025. At present, 13% of New Zealanders smoke. Additionally, the government plans to introduce tough tobacco controls, including restricting where cigarettes can be sold.

New Zealand Cigarettes Ban
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Additionally, it is claimed that smoking causes one in four cancers and is the prime cause of preventable death in New Zealand. Therefore, doctors and health experts have rejoiced at this plan.


”We want to make sure young people never start smoking,” Health Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall stated.

Indeed, this cigarettes ban in New Zealand has been greeted with mixed reactions. For instance, some people believe it will create a black market for cigarettes purchases. Meanwhile, others think it will help smokers quit. What do you think?

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