5 Of The Most Haunted Places In Christchurch To Add To Your Halloween Lists

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5 Of The Most Haunted Places In Christchurch To Add To Your Halloween Lists

Halloween is nearly upon us!

October 31 is approaching at a rapid rate so it’s time to get spooky! And so, instead of scaring yourself by browsing the news these days since COVID-19 emerged, why not do it the old-fashioned way? Read about, or even go looking for some actual haunted grounds and spirits. There are a number of spots in Christchurch that are known for some paranormal activity, so let’s dive into the list and get spooked out, shall we? [Featured Image: Rythik, Unsplash].

I probably won’t be going to sleep after writing this…

1. Quail Island

This is a quick ferry journey from Lyttleton to begin the spooky journey. Quail island offers visitors the chance to visit spots where leprosy patients where quarantined in the early twentieth-century. It later quarantined animals into the 1930s, and the eerie atmospheres can breed some spooky results.

2. The Riccarton Racecourse Hotel

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This chilling hotel is said to be one of the most haunted spots in all of New Zealand, so enter if you dare. It is thought that the ghost of former owner Donald Fraser walks the hall, following his brutal murder with a double-barrelled shotgun. His own wife was acquitted on trial, but ol’ Mr. Fraser is clearly still angry about something! You won’t find us on an overnight stay in this hotel, that’s for sure. Sorry to the folks at the Riccarton Racecourse Hotel.

3. Victoria Street


This story dates back to Christchurch in 1894. Many people in one evening (March 9, 1894) sighted a peculiar figure in white jumping towards them, particularly creeping out local young children. The figure was sighted again three days later, where they were said to even strike people over the head and look at them with fiery eyes. This lead to hysteria in the city, with people afraid to go for walks! Officers attempted to find the ghost, but after a month, it seemingly vanished. Eventually it was reported the “ghost” was, in fact, a patient from a psychiatric hospital, with fiery eyes from phosphorus rings making him look ghost like. While there is not any recorded paranormal activity here, it is part of the city’s history as it was gripped in tense hysteria at the thought of a ghost walking their streets!

4. Otira Tunnel

This one is a little drive out of Christchurch, but it’s just as spooky. As tales go, a friendly man is said to help people by Otira Tunnel, when in fact, he is simply a ghost. Hmm, strange one. He is thought to be a man from Scotland who was killed during the building of the tunnel.

5. Christchurch Gondola

The Christchurch Gondola has sat on Mount Cavendish for nearly 30 years, and is always a top place for a trip. But, is it haunted? Staff working at the Gondola have reported feeling hands on their shoulders when nobody is there, seeing dashes out the corner of their eyes, and feeling cold air pass over them, all towards the end of the day. The site has been blessed by a local kaumātua three times due to the activity, and the last time (2013) it seemed to have done the trick! For now, anyway. Third time lucky and all that, but let’s not jinx it, eh? Still, you won’t find us there alone anytime soon.

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