5 Iconic Global Christmas Desserts And Where To Find Them In Christchurch

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5 Iconic Global Christmas Desserts And Where To Find Them In Christchurch

When it comes to a good dessert, we can all say that no matter how full we are, we always make room for it. And Christmas is no exception. It’s the best time to use the excuse of the holidays to overindulge. From rich festive cookies, to traditional trifles, pavlovas, and more…Christchurch has a great selection of global Christmas desserts to dive into this Christmas.

1. Sticky Date Pudding

Best Christmas Dessert
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This British Christmas dessert consists of a sponge cake filling, with chopped dates, usually smothered in toffee sauce. It’s sinfully delicious, and what makes it even more heavenly is if you add vanilla custard, butterscotch sauce and a scoop of ice cream. For example, you could try the Sticky Date Pudding from Richard’s Real Kitchen or the one at Just Desserts, which is served with vanilla ice cream. Alternatively, order a family sized one from Crisp & Vale Catering.

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2. Pavlova

Kiwi’s love this traditional meringue-based dessert. It’s a crisp crust and soft inside, normally topped with whipped cream and fruits. Pavlova enthusiasts will be eager to taste the variety of whole Pavlova’s from The Cheesecake Shop or if you’re out to dinner at Dux Dine, finish with the traditional Pavlova slice with a twist.

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3. Festive Pies

As the nations favourite dessert dish, there’s no doubt most of us will be tucking into festive pies this Christmas. Read all about the best places to find pies in Christchurch.


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4. Trifle

Another one of the best Christmas desserts normally made with layers of pound cake, fresh fruit, jelly, creamy custard and whipped cream. Whatever your personal preference, many people love to add festive flavours like sherry, chocolate, black forest and berries. Try the exclusive Classic Sherry Trifle from Sweet Revenge or try making a Summer Berry Trifle yourself.

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5. Cheesecakes

The festive season isn’t complete without a cheesecake. Delightfully, we’ve already made a list of the best places to find cheesecake in Christchurch.

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