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30 Examples That Show Christchurch Has The Best Street Artwork Game

By Jack Saddler October 27, 2020

Level 100.

If you’re from Christchurch, you’ll be well aware that it’s home to some of the best street art on the planet. It brightens up our walks all year round, so let’s have a look at some of the best pieces in all their glory. Head out to check all of these out as the weather gets warmer, and show them some recognition. [Featured Image: Delphine Ducaruge, Unsplash].

Right then; shall we?

1. Face The Strange


2. Ōtautahi


3. Courtesy of Kevin Lido


4. Spook


5. Audrey @ The Lemon Tree Cafe


6. Smokey


7. Yellow Pillow


8. Stunning


9. Parking


10. Monday feels…


11. Graceful


12. Up Above


13. Fishy


14. Courtesy Of Rone


15. Back In A Jiffy


16. Feeling Jelly


17. ✋✌🤟


18. Boxed Quarter


19. Hide and Seek


20. Elephants


21. Evil Queen


22. Alice In Wonderland


23. Jailhouse Rock


24. Chilly.


25. Teething


26. Silver Eye


27. What are you looking at?


28. Driving Down


29. Yum


30. Oh no…


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