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27 Of The Most Adorable Christchurch Dogs Of Instagram Just Because

By Jack Saddler

Here’s one for all the dog people…

In these uncertain times, we can rely on one thing. Dogs. Dogs will always cheer us up. And, as we all know, there’s a hell of a lot of cute ones around Christchurch. So, we’ve found some of the Christchurch dogs of Instagram and rounded them up for you. They sure brightened up our day, so let’s hope they can do the same for you. [Featured Image: Andrea Lightfoot, Unsplash].

1. Apples And Tongues…


2. Sausage Dog Bandanna


3. So Squishy!


4. Those Eyes!


5. A Smile That Could Light Up The Whole World


6. Never Forget To Do Your Stretches…


7. Sausage Dog Bandanna Round Two


8. Just Adorable!


9. Up Close And Personal…


10. But First, It’s Time For A Dip…


11. Fluffy!


12. Selfie O’Clock


13. Time For Bed


14. “Where Did You Put My Toy?!”



15. The Best Of Friends


16. “Pleased To Meet You.”


17. Cheeky Dog


18. Perfect Day For A Picnic


19. Fun And Games


20. The Coolest Pups In Town


21. Looking Fresh


22. Sleepy Doggy


23. Bounding Along


24. The Post-Meal Smile


25. Who’s a good dog?


26. Nothing Beats Going Out Into Nature


27. Shaking Off In Style…


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