30 Of The Most Adorable Christchurch Cats Of Instagram Because They Warm Our Hearts

Jack Saddler Jack Saddler

30 Of The Most Adorable Christchurch Cats Of Instagram Because They Warm Our Hearts

Here’s one for all the cat people…

In these uncertain times, we can rely on one thing. Cats. Cats will always cheer us up. Well, they will always cheer me up, that’s for sure. [Featured image: Kote Puerto, Unsplash].

There’s a bunch of cute ones around Christchurch that are spotted all around. So, we’ve found some of the most adorable Christchurch cats of Instagram and rounded them up for you. They brightened up my day, and we’re sure they should have the same power over some of you!

Without further ado, here are the wonderful cats.

1. Stretch after you wake up!


2. Mondays got me feeling like…


3. “What do you mean there’s no food left for me?”


4. Take a seat, and relax.


5. “I’m packing you an extra pair of shoes, and your angry eyes, just in case”


6. “Belly rubs, now!”


7. “They won’t notice a thing.”


8. “Who goes there!”


9. “Feeling cheeky… Might knock a glass off the table later.”


10. “What do you mean you didn’t like my mouse gift?”


11. “Damn, I miss food.”


12. Daydreaming of catnip.


13. Oh. My. God.


14. “What do you want, human?”


15. Wisest of the wise.



16. Making new friends.


17. What’s going on here, then?




19. “Hello.”


20. “What’s that up there?”


21. A bundle of fluffy fun.


22. “It wasn’t me, honest!”


23. “Target spotted.”


24. “What trouble shall I cause today?”


25. “You mean to tell me there’s no more balls of string? This will not do.”


26. “I’m on a mission.”




28. “No! My seat!”


29. “Say cheese!”


30. “So you’re telling me this is the last picture?”


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