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7 Of The Most Delicious Bakeries In Christchurch

By Jack Saddler

7 Of The Most Delicious Bakeries In Christchurch

We all deserve some lovely snacks at this point in time.

On some days, all that will do is a big ol’ pastry or cake to calm the nerves. Or, maybe you’re just after some of the finest sourdough to have with your lunch! Thankfully, there’s plenty of great spots around to scratch those itches. From rich chocolate gateaux to drool-worthy Danish pastry to Parisian macarons —  here are some of the best bakeries in Christchurch. [Featured Image: Bohemian Bakery, Instagram].

1. Vic’s Bakehouse

Vic’s Bakehouse specialise in some scrumptious sourdough. Grab one of these beauties to tuck into at lunch with some fresh avocado, accompany a glass of wine during a sunny picnic or just snack on throughout the day. The possibilities are endless!

📍 4B Settlers Crescent, Ferrymead, 8023

2. Copenhagen Bakery 

This spot lays claim to one of the meanest pastry games in the whole of Christchurch. Copenhagen Bakery, not in Denmark, but right here in NZ — and damn, these are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. There’s colourful coffees, cupcakes galore and some delightful hot-cross buns. Take your pick, you can’t really go wrong!

📍 409 Harewood Road, Bishopdale, 8051

3. Village Bakehouse 

Image: Village Bakehouse

This little spot in Ilam offers pastry, gingerbread and even wedding bouquets made out of treats! Village Bakehouse is a joyful location for all foodies.

📍 211 Waimairi Road, Ilam, 8041

4. Bohemian Bakery


Bohemian Bakery has the lot.  Vegan pastries? Get right down there now. Hearty meat pies? They’re baked fresh to perfection. Salted caramel tarts, granola bowls AND macarons? Check, check and check. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, mind. Pay Bohemian Bakery a visit to see its full collection in all its glory. The very top of the glory flagpole? That might just be the stunning cinnamon buns.

📍 51 Nayland Street, Sumner, 8081

5. Japanz Bakery 

Image: Japanz Bakery, Facebook

This lovely little Japanese artisan bakery is home to some of Christchurch’s secret heavenly baked goods. Try their gorgeous little mini-doughnuts, cream puffs or branch out and get their wonderful rich chocolate cakes. Better still, Japanz Bakery is available to order.

📍 555 Colombo Street, Christchurch Central, 8011

6. Le Panier

Image: Le Panier, Facebook

As you might have gathered from the name, Le Panier specialise in scrumptious french pastries. What’s more, they serve a devilish Lemon Tart as well as a great selection of fresh sandwiches.

📍 8014/54 Holmwood Road, Merivale, 8014

7. The Philippines Bakery

Image: The Philippines Bakery, Facebook

The Philippines Bakery has an array of baked snacks baked to perfection every day. Aside from what’s pictured, you’ll find beautiful tarts and mouthwatering cakes slices. The authentic “ensaïmada” pastries are also enough to make anyone start drooling.

📍 475A Papanui Road, Papanui, 8053

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